Steve Silver

Item Number Description Price
BR950C Broomfield 5-Drawer Chest 38in x 18in x 53in $931.99
BR950DR Broomfield Dresser 62in x 18in x 39in $1004.99
BR950KHFB Broomfield King HB and FB 85.15in x 81.88in x 58.85in $879.99
BR950KQR Broomfield King-Queen Side Rail $147.99
BR950M Broomfield Mirror 39in x 42in x 2in $147.99
BR950NS Broomfield Nightstand 26in x 17in x 27.75in $392.99
BR950QHFB Broomfield Queen HB and FB 69.15in x 81.88in x 58.85in $757.99